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This is an intensive 6 Day Pro Advance Workshop designed for working makeup artists who are aspiring to take their career to the next level. 

This goal-oriented course requires active participant involvement as it will be developed based on your personal intentions/goals that will be defined during your personal, one-on-one review session with Sandhya.

We will deep dive into the technical qualities of products and their usage. We will also touch upon the fundamental skills needed to enhance your professional credibility as a makeup artist – idea development, story conceptualization and best practices.

In this intimate, boutique-style set up, equal focus will be laid on theory and hands-on practice to equip professionals working in commercial, bridal, film & television, or their own personal capacities.  

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  • Deepika Padukone

  • Kareena Kapoor

  • Katrina Kaif

  • Anushka Sharma

  • Alia Bhatt

  • Kiara Advani

  • Kangana Ranaut

  • Jacqueline Fernandes

  • Aditi Rao Hydari

  • Parineeti Chopra



  • Learn Sandhya’s secrets to creating natural, flawless, seamless skin on any face. This is a power tool for every makeup artist.

  • Learn to effectively use colours on Indian skin tones. Simplify the process by optimising the use of colour wheel. 

  • Everyone loves a statement eye. Learn different textures of eye makeup and experiment by creating glossy eyelids, two-toned eyes, monochromatic eyes and variations of smoky eyes. 

  • Never underestimate the power of brows to alter a face. Learn to create distinct looks by playing with eyebrow shapes.

  • Use contour and highlight techniques to balance the face and achieve perfect symmetry. Master this skill to book more celebrities and brides as your clientele.

  • Explore various blush placements to create versatility in your red carpet and editorial work.


Skin Finishes

Explore the art of achieving diverse skin finishes, including:

  • Dewy skin

  • Glass skin

  • Editorial skin


Versatile Makeup Looks

Dive into the creation of various makeup looks, such as:

  • Celebrity Red Carpet

  • Editorial

  • Bridal

  • Commercial

  • Sandhya’s signature ‘No Makeup Look’


Ethics and Etiquettes

  • Setting prices & Negotiations

  • Planning



Learn the art of crafting and interpreting moodboards to enhance creativity and communication in the makeup industry.


Lighting and Photography

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how 

lighting and photography impact makeup artistry.



  • Intimate boutique style setup to give individual attention.

  • Live demo sessions of various skin finishes and looks by Sandhya Shekar.

  • Hands on practice sessions by students adapting the live briefs with feedback by Sandhya.

  • Guest lectures series with industry experts to give you real life industry insights.

  • 1:1 reviews after the workshop with Sandhya Shekar to guide you with next steps and help you achieve your goals.

  • Lifeskill and wellness coaching to achieve excellence in a professional environment.

  • Continued support post the workshop through the WxSS Community.

  • Short term and long term assisting opportunities.

  • Certification of completion. 

Date: 20-25 January 2025

Location: Mumbai

For Registrations:

     +91 87677 90356



Ashrraya Suresh

Sandhya's workshop has been such a holistic transformational experience for me. Not only has this improved my skill but this has also changed the way I approach makeup and life. 

 I firstly appreciate that Sandhya took into consideration my focus areas, expectations and goals beforehand so as to personalize the learning experience. Right from understanding her techniques to flawless natural looking skin to gaining insight into the different aspects of the industry, I learnt something new every day at the workshop.


The guest lectures gave me a chance to learn and also interact with different industry experts. I feel more confident now, which translates into the work I do and I owe that to Sandhya and all the people that were part of the brilliantly put together workshop.

Zainab Ashraf

Sandhya’s workshop has been a game changer. Her makeup training, business coaching, social media coaching is second to none. The 6 day pro advance workshop not only enhanced our skills technically, but also on a very holistic level. I have never met someone who cares so much for their students and has truly inspired me to be the best I can be. Sandhya is extremely kind, warm hearted and patient, also passionate about makeup and the industry and able to empower others into believing that anything is achievable if you work hard at it.

I am incredibly proud to have taken my professional training to the next level with her and will work hard to achieve the high expectations I have set for myself.

Thank you Sandhya for going above and beyond and the absolute gift you’ve given me and my peers at the workshop. You have imparted so much knowledge on us and pushed us to make us better. You give your heart and soul to your students that money can’t buy this. You are a really wonderful, encouraging teacher and artist, who is so supportive, both in terms of practical makeup and also in running a business. Thank you for inspiring us, all. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Kalyani Nayak

I am really glad that I was a part of Sandhya’s workshop. The workshop has completely helped me change the way I see myself as an artist.

I have learned to create from a space of confidence, eye for details and perfection. Apart from the fundamental aspects of Makeup and how the business works Sandhya has very beautifully amalgamated Meditation and Healing in to the course. It certainly has made us feel and think in a more positive and holistic way. Her approach towards the business is to help colleagues in the industry thus creating a healthy competitive environment. She believes in the philosophy that the more you give to the universe the more you get and attending her workshops has not only changed the way I think about my business but also has made a very positive impact in my personal life.


I wish Sandhya All the very Best in the coming years!

Roshni Safir

I had a difficult time putting how special Sandhya, everything she taught me and the week she spent doing that was. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about how wonderful this workshop was however I will try to do so.

Sandhya is someone who’s calm composure, electric energy and zeal is extremely infectious. She is also someone who lives by example of what she believes in and that permeates through everything she does especially her work. Her energy and passion were by far the best part of the workshop even when there is so much to choose from. And while she teaches like no other the fact that she inspires everyone she is around is not a skill many have. I am so grateful to all she’s taught me and the impact she has had on the way I approach not only my work but also various aspects of my life.


This was among the most special experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you, Sandhya.

Gargi Karmakar

Hi, I am Gargi, an engineer turned professional Makeup artist, I follow Sandhya from long and when I learnt she is having pro advance workshop I had to be a part of it and it was one of the best decisions.

The workshop not only gives a depth of makeup techniques but taught us to work in less time and different aspects. As I was quite new to the industry when I joined the workshop, it has helped me to understand and built my aesthetic. After the workshop my vision as a Makeup artist was clear, and till now I am following the same.

I am always thankful to Sandhya for helping me to grow, as a professional and a person.

Sindhu Raj

Transformation" I would start by saying Sandhya's workshop gave me a complete transformation to my career in this industry. She taught the most important skills that is required for a makeup artist to function seamlessly. Sandhya ensured that we understand the aesthetics to be considered in every aspect. 

We learnt about lighting techniques, styling, social media, perspectives from a hair stylist and photography from the top artists in the country which made a lot of difference in my learning curve.


I was able to learn new techniques, understand how we work on sets. This workshop helped me to look beyond and explore more as an artist. It helped me to consider the concepts and aesthetics’ that we should apply on every shoot. To be more creative and create your style. At the end I love the way she teaches, there can nothing so therapeutic than watching her do the magic on the skin.  


The best thing about this workshop is we got to learn a lot about balancing your inner self as an individual and connecting to the external world as an artist. 


An amazing artist to learn the art!

Divya Shetty

I have attended many workshops earlier but Sandhya Shekar’s was very different from others. It was very well planned and curated where every aspect of makeup was covered. Sandhya is extremely humble and a woman with great patience.


She exactly observes the skills a student may need to improve on and then corrects and guides that particular aspect of the student. Knowledge related to products, communication skills with the clients, tackling problems when on set or even with a client, correct techniques of makeup, handling social media, clicking pictures on your phone for social media was all covered in a lot of detail.


Special guest lectures by the best professionals in the industry were arranged so that we could gain knowledge not only related to makeup but other aspects that are required to enhance our capabilities and understanding of it. This is something I have never experienced in any other masterclass or workshop. This workshop has helped highlight and improve my flaws in my working style. Sandhya is such a positive person who has such a strong aura. Sandhya has every QUALITY that should be in MENTOR. Her workshops are a MUST attend for a makeup artist who wants to expand their WORK AND VISION.

Kharishma Captain

WXSS has been a very enriching experience. I have attended several workshops in the past but this one was by far transformative and closest to my heart.
The moment I walked into the room- the vibe of everyone present was so positive.

Besides the course being so informative from an industry perspective, the thoughtfully curated sections such as the guest lectures, one on one review of each participant's portfolio and the mindful sessions is something I have never experienced before in my life. This enabled me to start visualizing and thinking about a path leading to the bigger picture.

An insight into Sandhya’s creative process and personal journey, alleviated my confidence levels into more elaborate visualizations when we were given on the spot briefs from the industry specialists who came in as guest lecturers. The workshop accelerated the creative process and gave us an insight on how to approach industry work professionally.

What’s amazing is WXSS is now a community that continues to grow and connect every month where we discuss all things beauty.  Gratitude for what was and excitement for what will come is my takeaway from WXSS.

Manjiri Trivedi

Like everyone, when I saw that Sandhya's workshop was being held in Mumbai, I had made up my mind to register no matter what. I was and still am in awe of her work and the things she has achieved. My thoughts were- if I can learn even a tiny bit of her finesse in makeup I will be sorted.  During the first day at the workshop- the first thing we did was meditate. I was surprised with this new and unique approach. I am not sure how many of us have ever done meditation in a makeup workshop. Soon after that, Sandhya started her session where one thing she mentioned stayed with me: "if it was all about which products to use and techniques to follow, all of the makeup artists would have reached their desired level". And at that moment I realised while we all have a vanity full of products and we keep upgrading our techniques and skills, sometimes focussing on our mental health is just what we need to give us that push forward. I am truly grateful for all the meditation sessions, guest lecture series and her detailed demos. I think this was my best investment for 2022. 

During the workshop I learned to meditate and the art of embracing myself. I never came across a program like this for makeup artists. All these years while working I never thought this could bring so much change to me and my art. Especially since it opened so many clogged beliefs as an artist. 


During her demos I was happy to observe that she used products from her own kit as opposed to only sponsored products which hasbeen my experience at previous workshops

She reviewed and gave valuable feedback to our silliest queries. 

And also, the WxSS community. How can I not talk about it? In this cutthroat competition, I at least have a strong safety net to fall on, where I have people like Sandhya and others who constantly help and motivate me. She still helps us with all our doubts and pushes us to achieve high-quality work. Quite unbelievable but yes, she does!

Nitu Tamang

WxSS not only teaches makeup in the best way but also teaches the best way to develop our talent and experiences. The workshop gives us the freedom and a different direction to think, allowing us to show our creativity through our art. I would really like to thank Sandhya for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to learn and become not only a good makeup artist but also a better version of ourselves.This workshop has really changed my point of view in every aspect.  Thank you Sandhya for putting together and planning the workshop in such a different way which gives each one of us a push to become a better version of ourselves. 


There are so many things for which I cannot stop thanking WxSS for . The one thing I can say is that WxSS has given me the best I deserve and I wanted for myself. As we know learning never ends the same way WxSS community never ends. It gives us so much knowledge every time and I know it is a never-ending process. 


I am blessed to be a part of the WXSS community.  Thank u Sandhya for everything and I can't stop thanking u for each and everything, small or big. I have learnt so much from you and am still learning, this will be a never-ending process for me. I can very proudly say that it was my life’s best investment which has paid me the best benefits for my future.

Nidhi Shah

I joined Sandhya's workshop to gain confidence and I must say that if you keep your mind open, she has so much more to offer. Sandhya is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents her knowledge. Her lessons are engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class, always encouraging her students to try and push their boundaries. She wanted us all to break free from the cage we were in and explore the creativity flowing in us. Along with makeup techniques and products, Sandhya focuses on every other aspect that would help you be a better artist-  from mood boarding, styling, lights to photography- she covered every aspect. We also had guest lecturers who are directly connected to the industry and we could interact with them too.

I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in learning more than just makeup.

Tanvi Chemburkar

"After working for a year at Mac cosmetics India I was looking to work with an experienced makeup artist as an assistant to gain a little more experience. This is when I got Sandhya’s reference and contacted her over email. After going through a small interview round she took me on board. I honestly didn’t know what to expect or didn’t know how to go about assisting. But since the very first job with Sandhya, she literally took me under her wing and guided me through each and every detail of being a freelance makeup artist. I truly believe that whatever I have learnt today is because of her guidance. Most artists would want to have an assistant to be around to help them with the basic stuff but Sandhya at every point pushed me to work harder, gave me challenging tasks for my skill development and always encouraged me to venture out on my own even when I didn’t want to leave her :) 

She is extremely particular about her makeup set up, her kit and her approach towards clients. She as a mentor always patiently taught each of these three and emphasized on the right Dos and don’ts of the industry. While assisting her she inculcates the same work ethics in her assistants and before you know you are working in the same manner. Assisting her for about two years has been the best education or training I could ever get in the beginning of my career. I always love working and collaborating on projects with her cause there is so much to learn from her each time.

Sandhya has been the most amazing mentor. She has been there for me even after I ventured out and needed a lot of guidance in the beginning.

I owe all my success to her and I’m extremely grateful to have gotten a chance to assist her and work with her on several interesting assignments.

Thank you, Sandhya, for everything.

Kiran Denzongpa George

As a Makeup artist, trained at Delamar Academy in London and with over 10 years of international aviation experience I was recommended to assist Sandhya by Delamar Academy. My initial interaction with Sandhya and her holistic approach to her craft made me shift to India without any second thoughts.

Assisting Sandhya was an experience by itself. While on a job or in general her strive for perfection, her attention to details, knowledge about the effects of the lights, her dermatological expertise, her professionalism interacting with celebrities or otherwise, her focus on mental health as a makeup artist as well as those of clients is something she emphasized on.

Additionally her focus on the environment, using environmentally friendly products, minimal waste of resources that may harm nature and her professional approach towards various departments during her projects are some of the learnings that I gained from my stint with Sandhya.

Even as a makeup artist at the top of her trade, Sandhya is someone who never stops learning and updating herself on the latest trends and encouraged those with her to do the same. Overall, I do consider myself fortunate to assist and be mentored by Sandhya Shekar.

Anuradha Raman

I was extremely lucky to get to assist and learn from the person who’s work and journey actually connected with me. And after sending out an email with those exact words i got a positive reply and that’s how it began.

I feel practical learning experience in this job is extremely important and Sandhya always made sure I learnt the little details. She always made sure I actually saw on camera what was created in the mind, and your vision is brought to life. I definitely owe her my speedy nail painting talent. She’s always been there for me when I’ve had doubts or when I’ve needed suggestions or for criticism on my jobs, for encouragement or just even to talk. I feel there’s always something new to learn at every job and she tried to make sure that happened.

Apart from my academic beauty knowledge a major part of what I do today, I do owe to her patience of teaching. The learning has to date never stopped. I was lucky to have her as a mentor and get the experience that I needed to move forward, nervous Of course but much more confident than I was when I had decided to take this as my career.

Devika Jodhani

When it comes to simplicity and clean beauty, Sandhya is best in the business. I met her over 7 years ago & her core beliefs in beauty, is still what I resonate with most. 

I am grateful for our paths crossed & she took me under her wing, as learning & working with her has been a truly enriching experience. 

She is one of the most professional, hardworking & kind human beings & it is this energy, along with beautiful artistry that makes her one of the most sought-after artists in the industry &

by brides.

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