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Customised for your beauty needs, a one-on-one session with Sandhya is perfect for professionals looking to polish their skills in a creative working environment.

The curriculum is developed in tandem with the participant and will be designed to specifically cater to areas of interest or goals that professionals might need extra attention with or want to develop.


A pre-workshop consultation is crucial to set personal objectives

Duration: 8 Hours

Date: As per your request

Location: Mumbai

For Registrations:

     +91 87677 90356




Archana Vyas

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandhya, and she is truly an amazing and wonderful person. She generously shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise with me, making my work with clients much easier and more effective. From skincare to makeup and the intricacies of makeup brushes, she taught me the right way to do it all, always ensuring our clients felt comfortable and at ease.


What impressed me most was her willingness to share her own experiences on managing her work professionally and efficiently, particularly when it came to techniques for photo shoots. She even provided valuable insights on how to connect with key contacts in the industry, such as magazines, fashion shows, and photo shoot organisers. 


I'm incredibly grateful for all the tips and knowledge she shared with me. She has been a constant source of support and inspiration. I've proudly shared my work with her through Instagram, and she consistently offers feedback and shares her thoughts. Her guidance has been invaluable to me, and I can't wait to have the privilege of meeting her again. I truly admire and appreciate her.

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