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Always wanted a career as a make up artist?


This is the next step in beauty – kickstart your career as a celebrity makeup artist, editorial artist, or even a private client artist. The all-encompassing program, taught in an intimate group setting, is the perfect mix of theory and practical, hands-on work that’s designed to push your career to the highest level.

The course will cover everything from techniques and product knowledge to the essentials of being a freelance professional – business etiquette, social media management, portfolio building, mood board creation and more. You will learn to embrace a diversity of skin tone and features and work to develop the skills to tackle any face with confidence. Participants will leave the course with an eye for exceptional makeup that will set them apart from other artists.

Sign up to our intensive, holistic hands-on professional make-up artist workshop to kick start your career in make-up artistry.

Date: To be announced soon

Location: Mumbai

For Registrations:

     +91 87677 90356

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