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Designed by an artist, for fellow artists.

The 'Workshops X Sandhya Shekar' series was created to

help aspiring and professional makeup artists reach new levels of craftsmanship and rekindle their passion for beauty. Founded by acclaimed makeup artist Sandhya Shekar, the program has been developed keeping in mind international standards of beauty education as well as the latest industry techniques and trends.


The courses are perfect for those looking to begin a career in the makeup industry or even professionals seeking to update their technique; explore new ways of thinking, hone their craft and interact with other members of the beauty community. 

Our programmes are designed to encourage independent thinking, mindful personal growth, and an appreciation for the diversity of beauty. Students begin by developing their personal goals and work towards cultivating their unique signature technique, or niche, in the market. Classes are taught in an intimate, nurturing environment and are conducted by experts in beauty, fashion, photography, advertising and publishing industries.

Sign up for the chance to learn not only the most masterful makeup techniques but also essential skills like portfolio building and social media management.

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